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August 30, 2009



rediculously beautiful...

ps what program did you use to make that video?

tara k

what a beautiful, magical, poignant session this is, my friend. absolutely breathtaking and an amazing tribute to the strength and grace of this family. thank you so much for sharing it.


wow, that is tender. i cried reading her posts. I'm sorry that happened to your family. you did a wonderful job capturing their feelings.


I am speechless.....they are breathtaking! I love her words about the pictures, they are as beautiful as the pictures! I love the pair of flip flops. You are so talented Elizabeth, you can see how much thought and dedication you put towards these pictures! Great job!!!

Michele S

Beautiful, e! You succeeded in your mission--love and joy are reflected here, along with remembrance. This gave me goosebumps and I am typing through tears. I know that I don't know you very well, but I feel I can say that you are a very special lady, indeed!


your photos never cease to amaze me, what beautiful photos of Steph's family...I loved ALL of them, her girls and little Noble are so cute :) what a wonderful gift you have given them E!!

rachel g.

i watched this with tears rolling down my cheeks. so beautiful. good job.


what a beautiful family Stephanie has! what a great job you did in capturing them...


those all turned out perfect! you are amaazing e!! thanks for sharing. love you!


Those photos are so neat. Her blog is so inspiring!

lesli streets

great job! those are so fun!

Heather Willden

This is the most beautiful slideshows. What a beautiful family. I am friends with Lesli and know that this was such a difficult tragedy, but they look so happy and at peace. I love the photos of the girls looking at Camille's photo. Very touching.

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