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February 10, 2009



Yay! I'm back on your blog after way too long. So love all of your posts. Wish I were versed in apps - no such luck :0
Love you tons!!


I mean Stephanie Waite, sorry I know a Stephanie Wright too!! :) oops


We don't know each other but I found your blog through Stephanie Wright and I love how you write and I too am a photography junkie! Oh and I have recently fallen in love with my Apps too! I had no idea there were so many cool things out there to do with my ipod touch!!


loved this post elizabeth!

my favorite apps are 'p tracker'. pretty basic but it sure helps when planning trips, etc to know when it's that time of month.

i also LOVE LOVE 'pandora'--create your own radio stations based on a few favorite bands, choose quick mix, and i can listen forever while i'm on the eliptical.

sure you don't want to photograph my adorable family while you are in utah? i'm sure you don't, but thought i'd throw it out there.

can't wait to see your website!


i can totally relate to so many things on your list! especially #7. #6, i have been a fan of white box for years! aren't they wonderful! and you know what.... i think we have the EXACT same bed frame as you! :)

love the 10 on tuesday! i keep thinking i should do it too but don't think that i could come up with enough interesting stuff!


oh we are already planning for the 10 as well and Europe is in the works!! We are thinking Italian/French Riviera...I can hardly wait, we are starting to get ideas, ours is summer of '10. Greece sounds way dreamy as well.

We did 17 valentines today as well for the big pre-school party tomorrow, it took Forevah...with Lewis writing his own name as well.

Ok..Greg is addicted to apps, his most recent favorite is mylite (flashlight around the house at night), we LOVE scribble (entertains the kids forever during those extra long sacrament mtgs.), we have urban spoon (dining one), which we have used a few times. love the 10...:)


LoVE your post ;) just release your website already!! you & your pictures ROCK! did i ever mention how insanely wonderful Europe was for our 10 year?!?! oh, it was perfect...we reminice at least once a week :) let me know if you want details, i would be happy to share...especially if you have marriott points! love ya!


oh, so much to comment on!!
such good stuff you shared!
love poladroid. love iphone apps. our current favorites are magic 8 ball and ifart. nice, i know.
the preview of your new website is gorgeous! seriously. i can't wait to see it in all it's glory.
and what photography class are you taking now? online?
i think you should do 10 on everyday.
loved it all!

Ruth Williams

I would recommend Spain - specifically Barcelona. You can get lost there. Beach/mountains/fabulous art. Ok I am biased because I am from there! If you end up going - email me for the must not miss spots photography and culture wise ;)

I love your bed too! In fact I really love your bed frame and the bedding looks crisp and nice. DO share where you got them! :)

Love the valentines!


50 Valentines? I am dying!!! I love 10 on tuesday. Where did you end up getting your bedding? 10 years...you deserve a vaca and new bedding! :)

rachel g.

loved your 10 on tuesday. Try Italy for your 10 year. I am itching to go back. So beautiful and romantic. My 10 year is this year as well.

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