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January 20, 2009



Nice post. I still cannot believe it. I have gotten teary so many times over this--during the primaries, one election night, and I was just so happy to see the inauguration. Jared went and had a great (and cold) day!

I just saw your parents yesterday. They came to my ward. It was SO nice to see them. They are so great. They said that they were on their way to see you. Lucky you and the kids.


I agree... although I don't agree with some of his beliefs, I think he may be really good for our country right now.

rachel g.

I feel exactly the same way about it too. My kids asked if we should bless him in our prayers. Um, yeah was all I could muster.


yes, that first shot is simply amazing, they estimated over 4 million people were there, the most ever at any inauguration. ditto to agreeing with the excitement and that people are wanting to be involved, and I just hope he can do all he says, he is an amazing orator.

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