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January 24, 2009


melanie from whitebox

LOVE that canvas- Amazing!!! And I have those ikea boards in my hallway too!


thanks leah! The containers are pottery barn kids and they are most definitely not glass. Not with three kids running around ;)
here's a link: http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/sw1640/index.cfm?pkey=xsrd0m1%7C12%7C%7C%7C1%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7Ccandy&cm%5Fsrc=SCH
looks like they aren't selling them online anymore, but I recently saw them in our store. hope that helps!

Leah Simmers

Looks great! Love the colors. Now where did you get the little containers holding the crayons and stuff on the table and are they glass?


Elizabeth that canvas is AWESOME!!! What a perfect addition to the playroom of your gorgeous kiddies!!! xx


I adore this.
The Harris Kids in full living color.
It's perfect, e.

Tara Kuhlow

i think that is just the cutest picture i have ever seen, elizabeth. and it looks unbelievable on canvas! you are inspiring me to do something with my own little people and then actually put it on the wall (usually stays on my computer)! :)


What a great idea. That is a beautiful picture. Way to capture them all in their own little world. It's beautiful.


What an adorable and beautiful picture!


I order my canvas through a pro company based here in so cal. I offer them to my clients and they create a high quality product.

there are many companies who do gallery wrapped canvas though. I haven't ordered one myself, but I know www.mpix.com sells canvas.
You'll need to choose a photo with some room around the sides (I left room for three inches of wrap on the top and sides for this one). Nothing too tightly cropped.

hope that helps!

liz stanley

Looks fabulous! How did you print it? Did you order it from a company online?

rachel g.

i LOVE the canvas, I have been wanting to put something that size in my house for the longest time. I just haven't had the right picture.


it is perfection.
and love your idea with the ikea magnet boards.
show us more!!


I have two things on my wall. A family picture and The Living Christ in Thai and English. I think decorating walls is a very intimidating task. I need some help with this. PS. I want to get a copy of Chalk Creek this year. Can I get it in a regular size or is it going to be bigger?

Dana Fontaine

This turned out beautifully!
I love that your kids are just their playful selves in the image. You keep that face going Charlotte! It is my daughter's favorite too!

Stacey Ord

How did I not run up your stairs to go see the canvas, when I just dropped Hailey off??! I am ashamed that I had to see it on your blog... boo. It. Is. Amazing. Can't wait to see it up close. I will be over in 5 minutes. :)


so happy to see a post of your cute kids! love the big pictures...
still haven't framed pictures from ranch or beach this summer! maybe before this baby comes and needs to be put up on our walls too! hadley's pictures at 1.5 still grace our main hall (opps...)

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