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September 10, 2008


stacy t

that was wonderful - thanks for sharing! you're just paying NieNie's idea forward. wouldn't the world be a better place with those wonderful ideas??


i love that!!!! thanks for sharing!!


can i be in YOUR family? oh wait, i am...remember how I always comment on your blog? need to chat...boys (sigh)


I was planning on doing the back to school dinner but ended up too tired from switching kid's rooms and cleaning the entire house. I don't Spring Clean...I "back to school" Clean! We ended up going out for pizza. I really need to get my act together and do this though because it is SUCH a cute idea!


what a fabulous idea, NieNie truly is inspiring, I spent 2 hours on her blog late the other night...wow. I love this idea and your table, decor, are so great. The brother sister jar is and idea I just might steal when Char gets old enough to understand.

Their outfits look so darling of course. We did Lewis' favorite meal (pizza) the night before his first day, and still need to do the blessing thing!


way to go mama!!!


in answer to your question...
The table is covered in green butcher paper (they were all out of black)! Just picked it up at Michael's (craft store) next to the wrapping stuff.
That way we were able to write on it with chalk. The kids had fun chalking too. We wrote down all our favorite summer memories and activities. That's on the video tape...


What a great celebration!

Thanks for sharing some of your day with us all. :D


Oh my goodness Elizabeth! That is awesome. Your kids are so lucky! seriously. Where did you even get that tablecloth? And those presents would have been a dream for me when I was little. I loved all of that stuff--color pencils, markers, crayons...whatever.

Thanks for the backpack suggestions too. Great website.


I love this!!! i loved NIeNie's idea, too and loved how you made it your own.


what a creative mom, you are elizabeth! love the fashion show pictures...

liz stanley

how CUTE! love it! and i love how you were inspired by nie nie. i'll have to do this too when henry gets older.

Angela Williams

Okay, how cute is that idea. What a fun mom and what a fun night. I am going to pack this away for just a few more years. I love it, thanks for sharing.

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