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April 24, 2008



Of course Jason was there and he just laughed and secretly was glad that today would be his last day seeing us. The seater "Kelly" remembered us too. I thought we could go under the radar today and go un-recognized but NO! I blamed last week on our crazy friend Tristen and apologized!!! Next week will be SO fun... I am jealous. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Marcie Kolb

Great karate pics. Gavin is in karate too and he LOVES it!

allison weenig

Ah. Little boys in their white uniforms. I miss those days.


that is cool! i love that it's taught by a 70 year old man just wanting to do something good.
and how can you not love the light flooding in to the church? great pictures!
anxiously awaiting the next installment of photo tips :)


way to go berk! what a talented smart boy you are raising ;) way to go mom!!


maybe you could see expression since there is a mirror and you just barely make out Berk's face. perhaps you could zoom in photoshop?? congrat's Berk!!

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