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March 17, 2008


Becky Fellows


I want the peanut chicken and cocunut rice recipe. Can you tell I'm hungry? It all sounds so good to me right now. I also want you to do a post on photo taking tips, as you can probably see I need it!!! I love looking at your blog, it is fun to read. Take care!


I am for sure going to check out the recipe blog. I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas. We do "high/lows" at dinner every night, and we just started doing the family edition of Table Topics - kids love it! Thanks for some great ideas!

Traci Garff

Buff- I have this childhood memory of Dad. I was eating raisen bran and was done, but Dad didn't think so. He made me finish until I ate the whole thing. I have a vivid image of looking at the mushy raisen bran and wanting to throw up. Don't do it.
Love, Me


very impressive. i'm excited to start a good dinner routine someday. we try to get at least a couple family meals in each week and it always makes me feel good when we do. i'm going to start implementing some of your ideas!


I have to say we cook a lot of fresh stuff, however, it is so easy to get in ruts, and I think that is a great goal to try something new each week, I love your table talk ideas too...we usually just talk about trains and the fun things we did during the day, I am sure that will change as the kiddies get older. My kids favorite meal...both...chicken pockets..chicken/cream cheese mixture baked in a pillsbury croissant.


FAVORITE POST EVER! I'm so inspired to do it all right now :)


Thinking of dinners can be so exhausting. I've loved the Sunday planning idea...it just seems to make things easier. I also have tried to swap dinners with a friend...like I take to them once a week and they bring to us once a week...or twice, whatever works. It's so nice to have 1 or two days to not cook, and know that dinner will be there. Also, check out a blog I set up...simplydelicioustoo.blogspot.com...it has lots of great ideas from people all over who have added them. I've tried a few and they are fantastic.


Amen. We are trying a set hour of everyday. This last week, I caved to Designed Dinners and it has been great. I've got a month's worth of food all ready to go. I just need to think of sides. I've got a sheet from somone with lots of questions to ask at the dinner table. I'll find it and pass it along. Keep up the good work, because it sure is work with little ones. :)


we've been trying to do this for awhile - some weeks are good, some are not so good. but the world is a better place even if we just try. ps. i have two of the table topis "girls night out" and the one for couples. the girls night out is hysterical and highly recommend it for any "friend" gift. boy do you learn new things about your friends REALLY quick!

lesli streets

i think this is a great idea. i always love when we sit down with the family to a great meal. i think it is one of my favorite family times.


My friend Emily has the best basil chicken recipe ever. I will have to get you a copy - and I am trying something new tonight - corned beef! I'll let you know how it turns out :)

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