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October 28, 2007


Marcie Kolb

I LOVE looking at your pics, Elizabeth! So fun to see ones of people in love. :) The filmstrip one is amazing!


These pictures are amazing. You did such a good job capturing all of their emotions. Seeing these pictures makes me really excited for our appointment to take photos with you. Lucky me!!!

Sue Garff

There are some regrets being on a Mission In Africa. Family weddings, birthday parties and hundreds of hugs and kisses that must wait to be given. We love the pictures. We have been crying for Cali!! CNN and BBC keeps us in touch. Glad you are safe.!

Annie J

Hi! Your blog looks so great! What a fun weekend. I LOVE weddings! It makes it all that much better when you just know that the bride and groom are meant for eachother. I think we know Nikki's brother...does she have a brother Tim? If so, we used to be in the same ward as Tim and Heather Brown...Joey grew up with Heather's family...this LDS world we live in is so small. Bye :)


I am so glad you are OK. I had a dream about you and the fires. You were OK in my dream too, but it was very random. You lived right by the ocean with another friend of mine from So. Cal and you were both surfing, but the ocean was on fire and I was very worried about you. I am glad you are OK.

And the pictures are gorgeous! They are lucky to be related to a talented photographer.


These really make me happy! I am so glad that Darren has found someone that he loves and adores. I can't wait to hear/see more about the wedding.


amazing. you are such a great photographer. i am so glad the weekend was perfect :) can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding!


these are all so beautiful e...we also love the sunset one and the photo strip...so clever! we had so much fun with you guys..it was a great weekend...losing sleep has never felt so good. thanks again. can't wait to see the wedding pics!


wow! wow! loved all of them... they make a beautiful couple.

lesli streets

my favorite is the sunset and the one at the photo booth with darren holding the photo strip.awesome idea.

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