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September 05, 2007



Brinley couldn't stop looking at these photos. She even got her Grandma and said, "This is my very best friend, I really like him." Very cute photos.


I just know Berk is going to do well in school.
I'm impressed that you got all of these great photos!

So far, Ry's favorite parts of his day are: Recess, Gym Class & sometimes nap time.
(Lord, help me. LOL)

Creole Wisdom

What an adorable little boy you have, and he looks so smart! I think it's great that he's going to be learning a language- what a blessing. Oh, and whole day kindergarten whoo-hoo for you! Enjoy your free time! Take a nap or blog : )


such a cute cute boy! it was great seeing our boys enjoy one another when you were in town. it really is a happy day when you send one kid out the door, and then another, and another.... it at least gives you a few moments with just one :) I can't wait to hear how the 80/20 program goes. good luck berk!


I just noticed...is Berk going by Morgan????

hather munson

What a handsome little kindergartner! :) How exciting for Berk!...I hope his first day was fantastic!....What a neat program he is in...You must let us know how it goes....I hope Stella had a great day at preschool also!


The color is so yummy in these pics! Is Berk really in kindergarten!?! What an amazing program. I can't wait to hear all about it and to talk to little Berkicito en espanol. :) Good job mom for surviving day one. can't wait to hear about how Stella does!

lesli streets

hum. maybe you could blog more with all that free time. we want to see more and more photos! berk is just a perfect model and we hope his school works out to be just right for him! enjoy the one on one with charby.


super cute backpack... super cute boy... super cute pictures.
so glad YOU survived the first day. i'm anxious to see how the immersion program works out. how cool to know spanish by third grade. can't wait to hear how stella did!


yay for berk! the back pack is actually pretty cute for a character type back pack. i'm so excited for him and for you! he's such a cutie, and he's going to love it. yay for stella starting preschool soon and you having some time to yourself! you deserve it. i love those kids of yours!


oh berk looks so cute for his first day, he really looks so old!! I am so excited for you and all your free time...:) I long for Lewis to be in pre-school, we need to start potty-training first :)

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