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August 16, 2007


Julie C Butler

My thoughts are with you and your family ... {{{HUGS}}}

Annie titera

I hope that you had a womderful time with your family as you gathered to remember his life. What a wonderful tribute.

Creole Wisdom

Elizabeth ((hugs)) about you grandfather passing away. I wanted to note that I think the video in which you honored his life in addition to those gorgeous pictures is just wonderful. What a great celebration of such a sweet man. I love this entry because it really rings true that having a gospel principle changes everything.



e- your pictures truly say so much about your grandpa. what a sweet man, I love the hand shot, there is something so sweet and sensitive about that. love you.

Kristyn McBride

Very cool tribute to your Grandfather, E! i love the old photos, it's really the reason we take pictures, all those wonderful memories, you know? Thanks for sharing!


Bless your grandfather & bless you, Elizabeth.

I'm so sorry for your loss.


dear elizabeth, i am so sorry to learn about your loss. what an amazing slideshow and tribute. you've captured some wonderful memories here og him with you and your family. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Dana F


What a blessed and full life it sounds like your grandpa had! I am sorry for his passing but through the montage, your photos and your words, it is evident that his spirit, values and legacy will live on in his family. You did a lovely job of capturing his essence in your images. Your photographs always inspire me.

Dana F

I am so sorry to hear your grandpa has passed, but it sounds like he had a blessed and full life. What a beautiful legacy he leves behind in his family and his values. I think you have captured them beautifully. Your photographs always inspire me.


what a nice tribute and great photos for wonderful memories of your grandpa...sounds like a great man.

Angela Williams

He looks like a wonderful man. Those are great pictures, and reminds me that I should take some of my 95 yr old grandpa. What does the name Brimhall come from? That is my maiden name and you don't run into Brimhall's all that often. Just wondering.


beautiful pictures of Grandpa, elizabeth... we look forward to seeing you and the children, under the circumstance.

heahter m

so sorry for you and your family's loss....what a wonderful tribute you just gave him....grandpa are just extra special people! I love the hand shot! Those are tear jerkers for me.For some reason... I can remember EXACTLY what my grandparents hands look like and I will never forget that.GREAT PICTURE!


Sorry to hear of your loss. What wonderful shots you captured of him, and such a lovely tribute, too. I love that one of their hands together.

lesli streets

i hope we all live as full of a life as he did. sorry to hear of his passing.
the hands photo is worth serious sentiment!

maryclaire brown

farewell to grandpa wayne. i still remember dancing with him in his living room while we were in college. what a sweet man.

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