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June 07, 2007



Someone that sleeps next to you would like to pay you to take this kind of photo of him.

Annie titera

these are great. I feel like I know him just after looking at these pics. Why didn't I get Senior pics like these? :)


Happy Birthday, Miss Buff! Hope you get some glamour shots of your own for the big 29.


hey just wanted to tell you again...you did great...can believe this is your first time doing "senior shots" I have always told you...you have natural talent!

kathy p

i said it before and i'll say it again, you've got some major talent girl! these are so fabulous e! i just love them all!

sara gillespie

ditto on this sure beats the old senior portrait...these look great e!! do I see a side business starting??


these are really, really great! how lucky is jeff to have such cool pictures... sure beats the good 'ole senior portrait!


you have skills!! these pictures are so telling of his life at this stage!!

Stacey Ord

You nailed it! Such great pics!!!

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