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June 22, 2007



you are amazing. you have so much talent. how I love you so.


Gorgeous pictures. I cannot belive they have their graduation right by the beach! It looks like heaven--literally. Congrats to the graduate.

Annie titera

LIttle Berk sure is growing up! I love the pic in his cap. Does he still fall asleep to Nemo? :)


Congrats Berk! He looks so handsome.


The beach?
Let me get this straight.
You had Berk's graduation at The Beach?

You Californ-I-A girls really do everything with style, don't you?

Note to Self:
Talk to preschool staff about having Kole's graduation at a Farm at least. LOL

Love your photos.
The one of Berk w/ his graduation cap on is perfection. :)

kathy p

i already told you how much i LOVE these! you are just rockin the camera lately! :) berk looks so grown up in the second shot of him. love the one of stella too! fantastic colours!


Ahhhh. How would it be to have preschool graduation at the BEACH?? Way too fun. Love Stella's little tongue sticking out. Pure cuteness.

lesli streets

i love the colors! so fun to imagine real life in technicolor glasses!


These pics are darling! Graduation at the beach? Way cool.

Your color looks awesome, let us just drool over that blue water!

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