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February 11, 2007


kathy p

elizabeth, your blog is wonderful! your photographs are amazing! they look like they are straight out of a martha stewart magazine! and that apple pie looks scrumptious! i'm VERY impressed with the basket weave crust!


My tastebuds are salivating. What a great tradition! You really have some amazing pictures.

rachel harris

it's all about the details. gotta love the male harris tradition. we don't, however, get lattice on our pies, nice work berk and sean. nice pics garrfeh. i am really impressed. it is amazing how your photos are really worth a 1,000 words. keep it up and i'm planning a family photo shoot to sc, ca.

Julie C Butler

These are so much fun - just checking out your new Blog .. I love it .. Great job - and just to let you know .. I tagged you! So just link back to my blog if you decide to play!!
Take care,Julie

lesli streets

the apple peeler shot is of amazing quality--great vantage point and the colors are simply to love! great shot for our family archives! it is such a love affair the harris boys have for apple pie.

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